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Expert in the spotlight in September 2013: Pere Mayans

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Featured Expert / Area of focus

Pere Mayans is one of the authors of the Regional Dossier Catalan : The Catalan language in education in Spain (2013) together with Maria Areny and David Forniès, a publication of Mercator Research Centre. At the moment he is head of the Catalan Service of Immersion and Linguistic Reception at the Ministry of Education at the Catalan Government

Face to face with Pere Mayans

What is your background in the field of regional and minority languages/education/ multilingualism?
I have a degree in Catalan Philology and a Postgraduate degree on Management of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity. I have been working as a Secondary Education teacher of Catalan language and Literature until 1994. Since then, I am working in the Ministry of Education of the Catalan Government (Generalitat) as the head of the Catalan Service of Immersion and Linguistic Reception, which promotes Catalan and deals with everything related to this language in education: the direct advisory to centres, the treatment of the languages in the framework of a multilingual reality, etc. This service also ran the Linguistic Immersion Programme, which, while recognising the varied sociolinguistic situation of the country, tries to put into practice the government's final aim of Catalan being the language of instruction, and other Catalan language specific programs targeting immigrant students. 
I am also teaching in the Master of Education for the Catalan Language Reception at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and in the Graduate Management Multilingualism and Language Policy at the University of Barcelona.

What do you think is the major challenge in your field of work?
Currently, there are three major challenges in our education system related to my field of work: classroom integration of foreign students that had come in recent years to Catalonia, integrated treatment of languages and contents, and how to get students really multilingual (Catalan / Spanish / English / other foreign language) while keeping the Catalan language as the main language of education and as an element of social cohesion.

What is one of the hottest new projects / items you are working on?
I am working in the items explained in the previous question; however, I am focused in the third one, implementing new strategies to improve the language skills of the students, as they are the basis of all learning.

Are there any important references such as articles, links, etc. you would like to mention?


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