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Less widely spoken languages have very special needs when it comes to education. Often practitioners but also policy makers are overstrained when it comes to finding solutions for these needs.

The LEARNMe (Language and Education Addressed through Research and Networking by Mercator) project 2012-2016 is an EU-funded project providing policy guidelines and recommendations for policy stakeholders in the field as well as for practitioners.

These guidelines and recommendations are meant to provide a very practical outline of how multilingual needs of less used languages can be approached. We furthermore will find out how implicit or explicit policies on multilingualism and linguistic diversity can be effective through education and for what purposes.

White Paper on Linguistic Diversity published

The Mercator Network is proud to present the final product of its LEARNMe project: the White Paper on Linguistic Diversity. The original, English-language White Paper (WP) is available in two different versions: a full version and an abridged edition

Translations of the White Paper

The abridged WP has been translated into several of the of the Mercator Network partners: CatalanSpanishHungarianFrisian, and Dutch. In addition the White Paper has been translated to Hungarian sign language. This does not only make the document available to a large group of Hungarians, but also sets an example of the inclusion of sign(ed) languages in the valorisation of research results.

Dissemination of the White Paper

White paper offered to MEP Nils ThorvaldsMeanwhile dissemination of the English White paper has already begun: among students, government officials, NGOs and international bodies like the ECRML’s Committee of Experts. 

You are kindly invited to share the White Paper – or simply its recommendations – throughout your own networks. If you would like to have more information on the document and its contents, do not hesitate to contact us.