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On Thursday 17 and Friday 18 October 2013, the first LEARNMe Workshop took place in Aberystwyth, Wales (UK). The theme of the workshop was ‘revisiting, reanalysing and redefining research on linguistic diversity: media, education and policy’. Several experts from all over Europe gave a presentation. The focus of the presentations was on media in the broadest sense of the word or on redefining the concept of linguistic diversity. Among the experts were Professor Tom Moring, University of Helsinki, Finland, who presented about the new indigenous journalism master. Professor Jeroen Darquennes, University of Namur, focussed on macro and micro perspectives in language policy and planning in Europe. Also, the so-called ‘new media’ was represented: Lysbeth Jongbloed (Mercator Research Centre) told us about her research on the language use of teenagers on Twitter. Dr. Eithne O’Connell, Dublin City University, summed up the workshop with her presentation about ‘the diversity of linguistic diversity’. Other experts who gave a presentation were: Elin H G Jones, Dr. Huw Lewis, Dr. Noémi Nagy, Professor Vitek Dovalil, Dr. Wini Davies, Vanessa Bretxa and Professor Josu Amezaga. At the end of the conference there was a round table discussion about the most important statements of the workshop and about redefining or defining linguistic diversity at all. The workshop programma can be downloaded here.


Thursday 17 October - Session 1 (09.45-11.15 hrs)

Prof Tom Moring, Lia Markelin (Helsinki): Linguistic Diversity and Conceptual Approaches to Designing and Delivering Professional Training - Case Study Sámi Journalists (.ppt) Elin H.G. Jones (Aberystwyth): Permeable and Impermeable Linguistic Boundaries: From Mass Media to Social Media in Policy and Practice in Minoritised Language Contexts (.pdf)

Thursday 17 October - Session 2 (11:30-12.15 hrs)

Prof Jeroen Darquennes (Namur), Language policy and planning in Europe: macro and micro perspectives (.ppt)

Thursday 17 October - Session 3 (13:45-15.15 hrs)

Dr Huw Lewis (Aberystwyth): Linguistic Diversity and Normative Political Theory (.ppt) Dr Noémi Nagy (Budapest): Linguistic diversity in Europe: observations from a legal perspective (.pdf)

Thursday 17 October - Session 4 (15.30-16.30 hrs)

Prof Vitek Dovalil (Freiburg): European language policy: a legal perspective (.ppt)

Friday 18 October - Session 5 (09.20-10.50 hrs)

Dr Wini Davies (Aberysthwyth): The pluricentricity of German: academic ideal or everyday reality? (.doc) Vanessa Bretxa (Barcelona): Education and change: the linguistic and cultural practices of teenagers in Catalonia (.ppt)

Friday 18 October - Session 6 (11.05-12.45 hrs)

Prof Josu Amezaga, Edorta Arana (Basque Country): Transnationalism and Minority Languages and Globalized Communication (.ppt) Lysbeth Jongbloed (Fryske Akademy): Social Media in Bilingual Environments: Online Practices of Frisian/Dutch Teenagers (.ppt)

Friday 18 October - Session 7 (13:30-15.30 hrs)

Dr Eithne O'Connell (Dublin City University): The Diversity of Linguistic Diversity: Summing up the differences and commonalities across language communities (.ppt)


During the workshops video interviews were held with the experts. Experts told about best practices and about what linguistic diversity means according to them. Those videos will be used for the dissemination of the project and also be shown at the final conference in Budapest in 2015. So far, 15 videos were produced. The contributions were recorded in various languages (Frisian, Finnish, Catalan, Irish, Czech, Welsh, Swedish). The videos have not been subtitled yet, but raw footage can be found here.

Position paper

LEARNMe Position Paper 1 (.pdf), developed following the first LEARNMe Workshop held in Aberystwyth, presents and reflects the main tenets of debate that took place over this two-day event, drawing on the eleven discussion papers presented and incorporating the comments and reflections of the 25 participants - 15 invited experts and 10 members of the Mercator Network. This Position Paper was written and developed by Prof. Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones and Ania Rolewska, with the assistance of Anna Lou Dijkstra.